Summit Program

8.20am Registration

Grab a tea/coffee and make yourself familiar with the venue and the Positive Change Expo.

8.45am Welcome by MC Angie Hilton followed by official opening in including Welcome to Country  

Take a seat as we official open the Summit.

Creating positive change through intention by Jo Surkitt

Jo will perform a unique welcome ceremony which will allow every guest to experience something special.  It will also create the groundwork for a transformational experience.

The one thing that is standing between you and your balanced hormones by Nat Kringoudis

Whether it is PMS or fertility challenges, period pain or menopause, there is one common hurdle all women are facing which is greatly impacting their hormones daily.  Learn how to identify the causes and manage your hormones better for happier days ahead. Want a sneak peak. Find out your hormone imbalance ahead of time here.

The vibrant heart of womanhood; alchemy for wildly inspired living a life you love by Dipika Delmenico

What do you love?  Are you living it?  Your entire wellness and creative zest for life are determined by these living questions. The heart of your vibrancy is your congruence, warmth and receptivity. It’s embracing your womanhood as you navigate all phases of life and leading the way in love as a conscious game changer. Using ancient holistic Ayurvedic wisdom and human centred medicine the simple keystones of your vibrancy will be shared.  This is the alchemy of your heart.

Chaos to Calm, reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed by Michelle Moloney

Wellbeing practices in the home and workplace.

Morning Tea

Time to explore the amazing array of Exhibitors in the Positive Change Expo.

Making healthy eating easier; creating habits with tools that stick by Mel Bald

We all know that we should eat more vegetables, eat less processed foods and do more exercise…but HOW do you do this? Often it is not the knowledge that is lacking of what we should be doing – instead we get stuck in the cycle of doing well for a period of time when motivation is high, then falling off the wagon and back into old habits.

Learn the tools of changing habits which will make it all much easier to stay on track and eat well for the long term. 

Anti-aging and using aesthetic and wellness treatments to combat anti-aging by Caroline Walker- Taylor 

Join Dr Caroline Taylor-Walker as she empowers you to feel, not just comfortable, but ecstatic in your skin. The skincare and aesthetic industry is confusing which is why Dr Caroline will pin down the basics, myths, jargons and evidence to educate you on why you age and options available to enable you age on your own terms with confidence.

Conscious communication in relationships by Jem Fuller

Sometimes in relationships, love is not the problem, it's when the love gets lost in translation that frustrations (and even resentments) can start to arise. In this short talk, Jem shares personal lessons learnt the hard way. He also explains how to apply deeper understandings of human behavioural patterns, to greatly improve the communication in relationships.

The power of knowing your self-worth by Lauren Cassimatis 

As an accredited specialist lawyer and founder of her own law firm, Lauren will explore different types of female leadership skills and legal rights to empower women in the workplace and in their personal life. 

Lunch including entertainment by Kim Cooper 

Enjoy a bite to eat while being inspired by the voice of Kim Cooper then explore the amazing array of Exhibitors in the Positive Change Expo

The unbearable weight of clutter by Lou Hammer 

We all know what to do with our clutter, right? We should simply let it go. However for many people it’s not that simple, the weight of our thoughts and feelings make taking action so challenging. After all, if we didn’t have these emotional responses, we wouldn’t have clutter to begin with, right? Let’s take a look at how and why our relationship with clutter is weighing us down.

What support do women really need as they transition into Motherhood? by Talia Avenel & Dr. Adi Brown 

It is a tough job being a parent in today's society. Join the co-founders of The Perinatal Hub Surf Coast for a chat about how to best prepare for a positive pregnancy, birth and transition into motherhood. Talia and Adi will help you understand your options as a pregnant woman, how to access quality information, education and support services, and some of the key considerations to optimise physical, emotional and mental health in motherhood.

Sponsor in the Spotlight by Sarah Jane Thomas from SJ Personnel

Empowering people through a positive recruitment experience and building the BEST future together.

Q and A

Have the opportunity to ask those burning questions that have been on your mind.  Our expert speakers will take the time to delve deeper into the audience's questions and share their wisdom, knowledge and expertise.

Afternoon Tea

Time to explore the amazing array of Exhibitors in the Positive Change Expo.

How to create your MEGA healthy SELF in 8 steps by Michele Sayers 

Creating our MEGA healthy SELF requires us to choose habits and behaviours that allow us to thrive and, in doing so, live our life with passion and authenticity. Michele will introduce you to The MEGA SELF framework which encompasses 8 powerful strategies that support individuals to create space in their lives. It is through this daily creation of space that individuals are empowered to move consciously through stress, change and adversity.

Transformational Vibrational Sound healing session by Tizz Robinson 

Tizz uses an array of instruments such as Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, bio-sonic tuning forks, shamanic drumming, and singing. Allow the waves of sound wash over you.  This session calms our nervous systems and balances the subtle body.  You will feel amazing by the end of this session.

Summit Closing

Summit wrap up including prize draw.

5.15pm Summit Concludes

Thank you for attending. 

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