Session 01: Lauren Burns

Inspiration is the cornerstone of success

Lauren will share her stories of her Olympic journey, applying them directly to the audience and how they apply to everyday life. Lauren will also share her current research on lifestyle, mindset and the power of interpersonal relationships, the topic of her PhD research. Be prepared to be inspired!

Session 02: Jane Kinnear

Empathy Fatigue – How Brain Re-Wiring Allows You to Keep Giving To Others Without The Exhausting Energy Drain

As women we are biologically wired to connect, understand and care for others. Filled with the desire to be empathetic and respond lovingly to others needs is often integral to who we are and who we want to be. With a background in over 30 years of nursing, Jane Kinnear understands the feeling of constantly being pulled to give to others, both at work and at home.   However over giving, and difficulty saying no results in reactivity, frustration, guilt and exhaustion.  


Learn how to access and apply highly effective brain change techniques from the Siramarti Personal Growth Process to help establish, maintain and protect your own personal energy centre. From this position it’s possible to genuinely care for others comfortably and meet their needs without compromising your own wellbeing or the wellbeing of others.  

Session 03: Roxie Bennett

How to be a butterfly (not a moth)

At the start of the year Roxie felt like a tired, dull moth but what she really wanted to feel like was a dynamic, vibrant butterfly. In search of help she realised that nothing existed for women like her, women in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, the first generations to ‘have it all’ but found themselves entering or in middle age and floundering with their physical and mental health and wellbeing so she developed 'The Butterfly Plan’ and the results have been truly life changing for her and the other women who’ve tirade the plan. 


Roxie is now bringing the Plan to the world and she’s super excited to share it with attendees at the Summit and welcome you into her kaleidoscope of Butterflies! 

Session 04: Rebecca Winkler

Healthy bodies, healthy families: Simple steps and considerations for whole body health

Sit down, strap yourself in and prepare to FINALLY truly understand the things that really make us tick, or shout, depending on whether your hormones are in harmony, or completely out of whack! Rebecca will share with you how you can really find hormonal balance, feel calm and back in control of your bodies. And with regaining control and understanding, comes the ability to really tackle life head on. Healthy hormones make life less like a roller-coaster and more like a leisurely cruise, she promises!

Session 05: Cal Stewart

The Feng Shui Way - Create the life you want through your environment

Learn the secret to better living with Feng Shu improve your Health, Wealth, Happiness and Prosperity! Cal will talk about proactive ways of living with tools for long term sustainable results by using the ancient arts and science of placement, to bring about balance between you and your environment. Be open to mind, body and spirit, enabling you to tap into your greatest potential… YOU

Session 06: Jo Surkitt

Discover your Intuitive Intelligence; create the best version of you!

Have you found yourself stuck in old habits, patterns and behaviours?   Even when you start a new regime you often return to your old patterns?  Jo will teach you how to rewire and refire your brain so you can create new healthy habits, thought patterns and behaviours that are simple, sustainable, and long lasting; creating the ‘Positive Change’ you want to see in your life.


Jo will then take you on a Mindfulness journey like no other.

Shout out about your vagina

The vagina is an integral part of being a women, however it is still very taboo and hidden. We all have one and will all have issues. Its function and health can severely impact a women's quality of life, activities, confidence and relationships. Find out how to maintain its comfort, health and function, lets open up and embrace it.

Diet and mental health: benefits of a healthy microbiome

What does current research tell us about a healthy diet, the gut microbiome, and how they are associated with our mental health? Join Madeline and Jessica as they unpack recent findings and recommendations, helping you navigate your way to optimal physical and mental health.

Session 09: Kim Byrne

Living through and beyond adversity for a sound mind and body 

Kim has surfed through life’s waves and storms over the years and with each near-death experience Kim will inspire you about how she discovered the positives and life changing transformation each event has had on shaping her life.

Transformational Sound healing session

Dr Gail Casey

Sound healing uses a range of beautiful instruments and voice vibrations that allow your body to heal itself by slowing down your brain waves, which affect every cell in your body, shifting them from diseased to being in ease. It's just aligning it with whatever you need. The perfect way to end the day.

Q and A session

Caroline Taylor-Walker, Amanda Wilkens, Samantha Butcher, Cal Stewart, Rebecca winkler and Meaghan Hockey

Audience opportunity to ask question of experts in various fields of health and wellness.  

Positive Change Exhibition

Explore 0ver 30 health & wellness stalls

You will have the opportunity to discover and learn about all the latest Health and Wellness products and services with over thirty businesses showcasing their expertise in the Wellbeing and Conscious living sector.  Stalls include: food, skin products, books, healh practitioners, retreat venues, essential oils, crystals, clothing and so much more.

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