Creating sustainable positive changes in the lives of women. 

Created for women of all walks of life, a place to gather, learn and grow towards health and harmony within your body, mind, spirit, community and environment.
Hear from respected, innovative and inspiring expert speakers from all aspects of conscious living and holistic health and wellbeing.

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Benefits of attending
4th March 2022

This interactive day will encourage you to reflect on all aspects of your life and actively plan a future that integrates productivity with peace, calm and joy. 

* Receive a Wellness Pack on arrival

* Explore the Positive Change Expo showcasing an array of awesome products and services

* Learn about how we can make our hormones happy

* Increase your Mind/Body Intelligence

* Learn techniques to reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm

* Ignite your spark to declutter and obtain better time management

* Learn how to thrive and flourish through life transitions

* Learn vital practical tools and strategies from experts in the wellness industry

* Discover techniques to rewire your brain and make new healthy habits

* Explore ways to keep your hormones in check

* Experience mindfulness, meditation and sound healing

* Personally meet and talk to experts from the Health & Wellbeing sector

* Meet like-minded people

* Leave the event invigorated, inspired and excited about the year ahead.